The Wrestling Tourney 7.0 (Version 7.4.03) Update requires version 7.0 installed from installation CD!New!

These updates are later than the shipping version of the CD.

Version 7.4.03 issues

1. New federation weight class division is included. Old weight class divisions remain.

2. All reports including brackets can print directly to PDF

3. Import / Export via single file

4. New Online Entry portal for The Wrestling Tourney On-Line located at
Tournament managers will have to register again in order to use the new Online Entry portal.

5. No change to data file structure so all 7.x versions can update and use current tournament data.

6. Tournament results can now be uploaded to so brackets and reports can be generated and viewed online by coaches, parents, fans etc..

7. Existing tournaments can be easily uploaded to

8. Documentation for Tournament Managers, Coaches, and Viewers can be found at and clicking help.
Tournament managers will have to register again in order to use the new Online Entry portal.

9. Web site generation Still have the ability to generate your own website. Improved look with the ability for brackets as PDF.

10.Sample export/import files can be located in twt70\export

Version 7.3.03 issues

1. Updated bout card to accomodate new overtime periods

2. Updated weight classes to change 275 to 285 in Scholastic 13 and Scholastic 14 weights

3. Added 215 to Junior High (Middle School) weights

4. Added ability to access The Wrestling Tourney On-Line from the program menu

6. Added ability to access the manual from the program menu

7. Corrected problems when backing up tournaments

8. Corrected copyright notices throughout the program

9. Added Print Import files to Import option

Version 7.2.05 issues

1. This corrects PES address changes.

2. Updated manual.

3. Updated FAQ.

4. Adds sample import files (CSV) to c:\twt70\export folder.

Version 7.2.03 issues

1. This siginificantly improves speed issues when seeding a weight class on Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines.

2. This corrects team score issues using the web publishing feature.

Version 7.2.01 issues

1. This corrects additional performance issues, especially with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. - Printing of all reports - Calculation of team scores - Start tourney - Restart tourney - Enter \ Change Results - Setup Seeding

2. This also correct a problem introduced with 7.1.11 concerning problems when entering wrestler names in team tournaments.

Version 7.1.11 issues

1. This corrects performance issues with Windows 2000 and Windows XP when creating a new tournament. A tournament which once took up to 10 minutes to build now takes less than 5 seconds.

2. The printing of brackets now takes considerably less time. Brackets which once took up to a minute to print now take less than 5 seconds.

Version 7.1.10 issues

1. Displays an informational screen when creating a new tournament so that the user does not abort the process when creating tournament files. Some Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines can take significantly longer to set up new tournament files (10 minutes or longer).

Version 7.1.06 issues

1. Corrects a significant issue when re-seeding a weight class after adding or scratching a wrestler and then re-seeding the weight class. Additional wrestlers appear in the windows for wrestlers to be seeded.

2. Corrects Change Results issue for Follow The Leader formats where wrestlers do not return to the wrestler queue properly.

Version 7.0.28 issues

1. 8 man WB 3rd landscape now prints properly as a landscape bracket

2. Corrects seeding issues in certain 12 man brackets with more than 8 wrestlers - 16 (10) IHSA Regional & 16 (12) IHSA Sectional

3. When adding or scratching a wrestler and the weight class requires re-seeding, the available wrestlers appear and original seeded bracket order

4. Weight to be re-seeded now indicated by a character

Version 7.0.24 issues

1. Seeding screen now indicates the number of weight classes seeded. Example - Weights Seeded 12 out of 14

2. Wrestlers who are entered using the import file now default to scorers rather than non-scorers.

3. Added an additional method of seeding. Now there are 3 methods of seeding

a. Automatic

b. Manual by Position

c. Manual by Seed

4. Printing blank bout card does not cause problems with later printing of bout cards.

5. You have the option to print any number of blank bout cards.

6. All tournament title reports center properly

7. Corrected problems when printing bout cards by round.

8. Fixed potential scoring problem when changing what team a wrestler belongs to in Open tournaments after seeding a tournament.

9. New Scoresheet report. Points earned appears on each weight class bracket by match. The only time points will not show is when points are earned by some bye matches. Scoresheet will have to be used in the instances.

Version 7.0.16 issues

1. Tourney name on all reports now displays all 60 characters.

2. Fixes problem with enter results grayed out when switching between tournaments that you are running at the same time.

3. Corrects team scores report printing 5th-8th placers when you have chosen to eliminate those place matches.

Version 7.0.15 issues

1. Duplicate round names on Print Bout Cards by Round fixed

2. Extraneous numbers on Team Scores report fixed

3. Asterisk now appropriately identifies teams with non-scorers

4. Potential for problems when using Change Formats from a Team tournament fixed

5. Warning to back-up before changing formats added

6. Reminder when exiting program to check the web site for updates and new formats added

Version 7.0.12 issues

1. Can now print blank bout card whenever a tourney is open.

2. Web Publish

- Added additional digits for team scores

- Byes eliminated from team roster reports

- Home page now has team scores

3. Bout Card now turns on and off wrestler comment printing correctly

Version 7.0.10 issues

1. Fixes problem when printing extremely large brackets - 64: WB 3rd

2. Sessions now print on bout cards with all 30 characters

3. Allows for the printing of 9th place matches - No 9th place points awarded

4.Round Robin formats now include 4 man -12 man

5. Fixes problem when changing team name abbreviations after matches have been scored (Points disappear)

6. Fixes problem when printing Round Robin HTML files


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