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Updated version 7.4.03 with new weight classes and additional features now available!

Download version 7.4.03 (updates only!)
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New features for version 7.4.03

Now available! The Wrestling Tourney On-Line

Wrestling's best just got better!

Our software has run thousands of tournaments!

Manage your tournaments from start to finish!

The Wrestling Tourney - Available Brackets and Consolation Formats

The Wrestling Tourney - Sample Screen Displays

The Wrestling Tourney - On-Line Roster Entry

Great for high school, college, kids, open, summer & state tournaments.

Many new features:

Tournament Setup

  • Open and team tournaments.
  • 4-8-12-16-24-32-64 man tournaments
  • Optionally configure 4-8 places
  • Many consolation formats provided (wrestlebacks, cross-bracketing etc...)
  • Round robin formats (4-10 man brackets available)
  • Each weight class can be a different format! (Alpha & numeric weight class names)
  • Ability to change formats after set-up
  • Improved features with formats (Custom cross-bracketing, additional formats)
  • Option to eliminate 1st round byes, and 1st round losers
  • Define the names of rounds
  • Restart the tournament at any time
  • Change scoring criteria at any time
  • Score byes as forfeits
  • Option to eliminate first round scoring
  • Option to renumber bouts (starting number for tournament) Great for multiple divisions
  • Works with all printers

    Wrestler / School Entry

  • Ability for participating schools to enter their rosters using The Wrestling Tourney On-Line
  • Longer wrestler and school names
  • Longer school abbreviations
  • Multiple wrestlers per team per weight class available (non-scorer option)
  • Option to pre-enter team names and wrestler names before deciding formats with our roster entry program, The Wrestling Roster. Great for open tournaments
  • Improved export/import feature -- Optionally enter names and schools in Excel prior to tournament
  • Optionally allow participating schools to enter their own wrestlers with The Wrestling Roster and e-mail to you
  • Export place winners to the next level (great for state tournament series)


  • Seeding (manual and automatic) Seed 0 to all wrestlers
  • Visually seed wrestlers -- See the brackets as you seed the weight class
  • Records appear on the list of wrestlers to be seeded in winning percentage order
  • Wrestlers maintain seeded position when re-seeding
  • Place winners appear on the final brackets
  • Records and year in school optionally appear on brackets
  • Champion-3rd-5th-7th place title appear on brackets
  • Results appear under the winning wrestler
  • Option to print multiple copies of brackets

    Bout Cards

  • Bout cards (available at any time) - Reprint a single bout card or range of bout cards
  • Print bout cards by round -- Names of rounds are configurable
  • Next Time Can Wrestle appears on bout cards
  • Configure wrestler rest time
  • Multiple types of bout cards (landscape, portrait, names Only, Custom)


  • Numerous reports available to Screen, Printer, Text file, HTML file, Excel comma delimted, AP style
  • Reports can be printed directly from Print Preview
  • Team rosters -- Weight class rosters -- Peel and stick labels now available
  • New results and score sheet reports
  • Breakdown by place points, advancement points, and bonus points
  • Team scoring matrix
  • Print results by round, bout numbers, weigth classes, teams
  • Place winners (Screen, Printer, HTML, Text file)
  • Improved appearnce for HTML reports
  • Announcer's reports
  • Create a web site for your tournament at the touch of a button
    Tournament website examples from The Weirich Wrestling Page
    Tournament results from Illinois Matmen

    Other features:

  • Enter results into the computer and advance wrestlers automatically.
  • Edit or make corrections anytime!
  • Automatically calculates team scoring using user-defined scoring.
  • Data automatically saved throughout the tournament.
  • No worry about power failures!
  • Leave the program at any time during the tournament!
  • New mouse and pull-down menu graphical interface
  • Supports all printers

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